What started off as a simple recipe, created by my grandmother right in the kitchen of her Detroit home, eventually turned into something great!

She passed the recipe down to my father who would make numerous pans for family events. I would witness family members being overly excited when they knew my fathers banana pudding would be at the events. As a kid I would sit and watch my dad make pans of this delicious dessert that everyone loved.

As I got older, cooking and baking became second nature to me. As much as I loved the banana pudding that my dad would make as I was a kid, it was no question that I would want the recipe passed on to me. Through years of trial and error, I finally mastered the recipe and created something that would last a lifetime.

Which brings me to Royal Banana Pudding. What started off as just a simple recipe has now expanded to many variations of banana pudding for customers to choose from.

Come experience Royalty; where every bite will make you feel like a King or Queen.